Dad’s famous turkey. Mom’s famous stuffing. Your canned cranberries. Yep, sandwichable.

It’s tall. It’s tasty. It’s the sandwich you wait for all year long. This stack is an absolute must-make to celebrate all those dishes from the day before. Load up on turkey, take out the leftover tray of stuffing, choose your own adventure and get ready for greatness.

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Photo: Henry Hargreaves Food Styling: Simon Andrews

The Classic Thanksgiving Leftover Stack


3 Slices of Bread
Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise

Leftover Turkey
Leftover Gravy
Leftover Stuffing
Leftover Cranberry Sauce


  1. Toast 2 of the 3 slices of bread and spread with Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise
  2. Soak the third slice in gravy until it is completely moist
  3. Top one of the mayo coated slices of bread with sliced turkey
  4. Place the gravy soaked bread on top of the sliced turkey
  5. Add stuffing on top of the gravy soaked bread, followed by cranberry sauce
  6. Finish the sandwich with the second slice of mayonnaise coated bread