At Sir Kensington’s we’re food people, but first and foremost we’re people people. Only by focusing on those who work for us and believe in our mission can we generate and act on the big ideas that will change our industry and benefit the planet.

  • Culture that Cares

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    Building A

    Culture that Cares

    We’re proud to have built a culture that some of the brightest and kindest people want to be a part of. A culture built on transparency, trust and doing the right thing even when no one is looking. A culture that wants everyone to bring their full selves to work.

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    Our secret ingredient is people.

    Giving Back

    We strive to have all of our employees dedicate at least 2% of their time to meaningfully contribute to the work of our community partners. Learn more about our Community Impact efforts.

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    Teamwork makes the dream work.

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    Expanding our toolkit.

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    Our side hustle is composting.

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    A culture that has fun.

    A Sustainable Workplace

    We walk the sustainability talk at our New York City headquarters, sourcing 100% of our electricity from more renewable resources, composting our food waste, and getting a little too excited about recycling (if there is such a thing).

    • Total pounds of food waste diverted from landfill to compost in 2020:
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      • 230
    • Electricity powering our NYC HQ sourced from renewables:
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      • 100%

    World-class Benefits

    Our team members benefit from generous vacation and parental leave, forward-thinking educational programs, and a learning budget that can be applied to nearly any personal goal.

    • Amount dedicated to each employee’s learning budget in 2020:
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      • $1,000
    • Total hours spent by employees on professional development in 2020:
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      • 281
    • Number of virtual Lunch & Learns in 2020 with entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, and non-profit partners:
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      • 8
    • The number of lemons harvested from our office lemon tree in our NYC headquarters:
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      • 23
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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    Focused on

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    To make sure Sir Kensington's remains a workplace for everyone, we are working hard on building a more diverse and inclusive office community. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council provides a space for team members across identities to support one another and promote new ideas to make our culture even stronger. We also have DEI Council Subteams for team members who identify as women, people of color, young professionals and allies. These will evolve and grow as the makeup of our team does.

    DEI Goals

    The goals of our DEI Council are also the goals of our company. Since 2020, all Sir Kensington's team members are expected to set individual performance goals that support our overall diversity, equity and inclusion commitments. These include:

    • Improving the diversity of our team and making sure our hiring is equitable.
    • Working toward more genuine inclusion through other equitable systems.
    • Making sure our DEI work has the right oversight.
    • Setting up the right communications structures so we can continue to improve.

    Continued Education

    To reach these goals, we know there’s a lot we all have to learn. So we’re doing our homework. As a team, we are inviting workshops, trainings and “Lunch and Learns” on topics like race and gender inequality, implicit bias and more. By learning and growing together, we hope to build the systems needed for these values to remain a true part of our culture, decision-making and impact.

  • Where Impact is Everyone’s Job

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    Building a Culture

    Where Impact Is Everyone’s Job

    We recently announced a commitment to link performance incentives for 100% of team members to sustainability and DEI goals by the end of 2020. We believe that aligning incentives is a key to real change, since we all consider environmental and social responsibility as part of our jobs. As of 2020, our annual bonuses will be awarded based on the company’s impact performance as well as its sales performance, and we’ll also factor impact contributions into individual performance reviews.

    Diagram indicating the combination of impact, sales, and goals leading to performance incentives. Diagram indicating the combination of impact, sales, and goals leading to performance incentives.
  • Our Integrity Board

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    Our Integrity Board

    The Sir Kensington’s Integrity Board helps define, drive and champion our impact initiatives. They bring an impressive amount of know-how to the table, guiding us on everything from setting sustainability targets to building better governance structures. Ultimately, they hold us accountable and make sure that our mission and core values stay at the center of everything we do.

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      Lorna Davis

      Over her 20+ year career, Lorna has served as President of multinational consumer goods companies including Danone, Kraft and Mondelez. She is currently Senior Advisor to the CEO of Danone and a Global Ambassador for the B Corp movement.

    • Bio image marcela manubens

      Marcela Manubens

      As Global Vice President for Integrated Social Sustainability at Unilever, Marcela oversees all areas of supply chain social responsibility and leads Unilever’s work on social impact, human rights and women’s empowerment.

    • Bio image scott norton 2x

      Scott Norton

      Scott is co-founder of Sir Kensington's and formerly served as the company's CMO and CEO. He currently works as an investor, leadership advisor, and board member to purpose-driven food and technology companies.

    • Bio image jostean solheim 2x

      Jostein Solheim

      Jostein is the Head of Foods and Refreshments at Unilever North America. Prior to this role, he spent eight years as the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s and 15 years in Unilever’s ice cream businesses across Europe, Eastern Europe and North America.

    • Bio image nicole vitello 2x

      Nicole Vitello

      Nicole is the President of Oke USA Fruit Company, a 100% fair trade fruit importer with a model of trading directly with small farmers internationally. She spent over a decade at Equal Exchange, Oke’s parent company, and previously ran her own organic farm business.

    • Alex Medeiros Headshot

      Alex Medeiros

      Alex serves as general manager for Sir Kensington’s and other Unilever-owned, growth stage food brands. Prior to this role he partnered closely with co-founder and CEO Scott Norton as Sir Kensington’s COO.